The Power of Pinterest!

Happy Thursday! Today I want to talk about Pinterest. If you’re not using it I highly recommend you start today! The sooner you start using pinterest the better. I’m new to blogging, but I’ve been using pinterest for my business since April 2012 and I’ve accumulated over 1800 followers and my following is growing every day! Fun Fact: 98% of people on pinterest are female. Not only that, but fashion is one of the top categories people pin under on Pinterest –see where I’m going with this? I want to break everything down so that this post isn’t overwhelming.

1. If you’re on pinterest GREAT! If not, sign up now!

2. Upload a profile picture and Fill out your About Me section. If you’re not comfortable using a photo of yourself that’s okay, upload a photo that best represents you or your blog/brand. Put your blog link in your profile!

3. Now you’re ready to create boards. Pick a niche. For most of us fashion bloggers a fashion niche is an obvious and good choice. However, you need to have a good mix of boards that will appeal to different audiences.

3b. You don’t need 100 boards to be successful! Sometimes less is more, especially if you are just starting. I went from 54 boards down to 38 recently and I feel like I’ve finally hit a good stride. I would suggest anywhere between 15-20 boards to start.

3c. Create boards you will actually use! This is where I learned my lesson. I had so many boards and a lot of them I wasn’t using. Some of them I didn’t even like and I found myself trying to find things to pin to them instead of finding this I wanted to pin. Does that make sense? Don’t let your boards determine what you pin. You decide! To help me, I visited some of my favorite tumblr accounts and looked at the pictures that I liked and wanted to pin and created my boards that way. For example I found that I really liked the photos I was finding of tea and coffee –even though I don’t drink either. Create boards you know you can share inspiring photos on. Don’t create boards that won’t help you one way or the other (for example I don’t have use for a humor board even though a lot of people have them).

4. Look at your blog stats to d

etermine what time of day most people visit your blog. Try to pin during those peak hours. I find that Friday-Sunday are pretty slow pinning days when it comes to pinterest.

5. Create as much original content as you can. Meaning pin from your blog, pin from any of your other favorite websites. The more original a pin the better. Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t repin because you should! Repining other people’s pins is a good way for people to find you and follow you! I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t ONLY repin. That won’t help you.

6. Get involved in community boards! Community boards are boards that you can be invited to pin on. You’ll have to start pinning before you’ll be invited to any though. It’s a great way to find tons of new people to follow and a great way to get new followers, but in order to see results you have to participate or no one will find you. I just got invited to a new fashion board community called FASHIONISTAS UNITE and I would be glad to invite any of you to join it if you’d like! Just leave a comment below with your pinterest username!

7. So how often should you pin? In the beginning I think it’s important to pin regularly. You don’t want to over do it so maybe pin for an hour (or less) and then come back a few hours later and pin again. Or pin whenever you find something you want to share.

8. Another important thing is to rearrange your boards in order of importance to you. If you have a board for pins from your blog I don’t suggest putting it first, I recommend making it your second or third board in the top row. You’ll also want to set a photo cover for each board. That way you can control the way your pinterest account looks overall.

9. Follow people in your niche. Try to find popular pinterest users in your niche and follow them. You always want to have more followers than people you follow. This won’t be the case when you first start. Don’t only follow top pinners because most likely they won’t follow you back. Try to follow people in your niche with around 1000 + followers.

10. Label your pins! When you pin something give it a little description. You can even use hash tags.

11. Have fun with it! Use it as a marketing tactic. It will take time to get noticed and to start gaining a following, but the more consistent you are, and the more original and pretty the things you pin are the better your chances will be at being successful with pinterest.

11. Most importantly: DO NOT PAY FOR PINTEREST FOLLOWERS! I can’t stress this enough. Paying for pinterest followers is not worth it! These are not real accounts therefore they are not real followers so they won’t be sharing your content.

That’s my guide to pinterest! If you have any more questions about pinterest feel free to ask me in the comments! Leave your pinterest links below and I’ll invite you to my community fashion board! You can also Follow Me On Pinterest.