How To Get More Followers | Readers?

This is a question bloggers new and old want the answer to. In this post I will discuss what I think are the right and wrong ways to go about getting more followers/readers to your blog.

Do: Join fashion blogging communities such IFB and Chictopia. It’s a great way to network with other fashion bloggers!

Don’t: Once you’ve joined these communities, DO NOT start messaging members asking them to check out your blog. I know everyone does it, but it’s not really worth all the time it takes to message that many people.

DON’T: Don’t exchange a follow for a follow! I know it gets you more followers, however, you want your followers to be fans of your blog. You want your followers to keep coming back to your blog. Exchanging follows will get you more followers, but most likely those people are not actually reading your blog.

Do: Instead, start a blogroll or an affiliates section (link exchange). This can be its own page (like HERE on GEEK CHIC SAVVY) or it can be in your sidebar. In order to get noticed you need to put your blog out there. Ask to exchange links. You place another bloggers link under your affiliate or blogroll section in exchange for them placing your link in their blogroll section. Do this with as many bloggers as possible. The more your link is out there the more likely it will be seen by potential followers. Why, yes I’d love to exchange links with you!

Do: Get involved in social networking (twitter, facebook, pinterest). I would recommend starting with one and going from there. Personally, I recommend Pinterest. But if you’re going to do this, in order to generate results you HAVE to actually use your account. You can use pinterest to share your latest blog posts. Fashion is one of the top most pinned categories on Pinterest. I don’t want to go into too much detail here because I’m planning a post on how to use pinterest to get more traffic so keep checking back! If you need some inspiration you can check out My Pinterest Account Here

Do/Don’t: Comment on other blogs! DON”T spam when commenting on other blogs. Everyone loves getting comments. Leave real comments. Don’t leave one or two word comments on a blog just to get your link noticed. Leave your thoughts, opinions, on whatever the topic is your commenting on. Then leave your link after your comment. If you are friendly and engaging, people will come to you.

That’s it! Those are my tips for getting more readers/followers to your blog! I hope you found this helpful!